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02-06-2013, 05:25 PM
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Originally Posted by RainingRats View Post
"“He was all right. He would’ve liked to have the shot off the wing back,’’ Dineen said of Clemmensen, who had 18 saves on 21 shots. “We had our opportunities to try and score, but we didn’t have much on the power play tonight.’’

So the coach had no issue with his play but posters want to move Markstrom up because why? Because YOU don't feel comfortable with him in net? It's crazy to think that the BACKUP GOALIE is an issue
lol are you actually serious? you're trying to quote our coach saying Clemmensen was "all right", and act as if that supports your argument?


did you expect Dineen to come out and say "boy, Clemmensen was ****ing awful" because that's what a good coach would do, throw his players under the bus.

. We were in a position to win that game last night. Have you seen Theo's stats on this year? Do you think he's that bad or do you think the team in front of him is playing poorly? It's the team in front of him.
did you actually read my post? i clearly said theodore hasn't been playing well lately, either. his last three games have been pretty bad, but the team in front of him got him 2 wins. scoring 10 goals in 2 games.

so in other words, you couldn't be anymore wrong.

And geez, give the guy a break, it's only his second start of the season after almost zero training camp and pre-season. He's not going to look in prime shape. And there's no way you can say he didn't look better as the game went on.
he looked terrible all game. the jets had zero scoring chances in the first period, and despite that, hit the post twice (LOL). he was giving up hideous rebounds in the first as well, gave up two terrible goals in the second. he made his only two saves worth anything in the third.

so he made 2 worthwhile saves, gave up 2 terrible goals. on what planet is that good goaltending? let alone in the NHL?

We need to let Markstrom develop properly and be patient. This is the formula for not screwing up prospects. Everyone loves Drew Shore and we developed him properly.

Drew Shore played 41 games in the AHL. Jacob Markstrom has played over 100.

get a clue.

Goalies take even more time. And there's no way it can be good for Markstrom to be put into a situation where he's playing behind a team that doesn't play D properly, turns the puck over, and makes dumb decisions. At the NHL level he'll get lit up and lose his confidence. He still needs to work on his rebound control and play as much as possible at the AHL level. Next season it's his job to win at the NHL level.
A) have you seen San Antonio play in front of him? that team is a disaster and he hides their shortcomings with his ridiculous play

B) the last three games have been VERY well played games by the 18 skaters in front of our goalies. especially last night. if we continue to play like that, Markstrom is being put in a much more conducive situation to succeed than he is in San Antonio.

so again, your argument completely works against you.

It's so weird how obsessed some of you are with hating on our backup goalie who was a good backup goalie last year. His stats were good, he won big games for us, and he's a cheap contract.

We'll see Markstrom eventually but there's no need for him right now.

If anything, call up nobody and demote Kovalev.

we can disagree until we're blue in the face as to whether clemmensen is a "good" backup (he's not, he's medicore, at best).

but the point i was making is markstrom is an improvement. no one is stupid enough to argue that. he makes our team better, right now. and in a schedule like this one, and both of our goalies struggling...theres ZERO reason to have him in the AHL.

give him a 50-50 split with theodore and we're a better team than we were yesterday. it's as simple as that.

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