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02-06-2013, 06:33 PM
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I dont have kids, coached against Tyler, I played 4 yrs of junior and 2 yrs college hockey:

My 2cents...

He is a great kid from what I hear with boat loads of skill but in my opinion- he isnt ready to make that big of a jump. There have been several 1st overall picks who I think could have made the jump- most recently Barzel (wont sign-wants to get moved). Anyways, yes the numbers are unreal and he works his arse off- but he doesnt have the skating (YET) to excel at the W level. Yes hes fast for a big man but as the gap closes and he starts playing with men, its going to get tough. He needs to play Midget and keep his confidence high, I think what Estephan has done in Midget AAA at 15 ( 21-24=45 in 31 GP) is more impressive. People and the media are focusing too much on the points, watch MacKinnon, McDavid, Drouin,Barzel, Klague, Steel and Seth Jones skate. They have a beutiful effortless stride- that is "pro-like". Once Benson gets his skating to that level- he'll be fine. Also, the 98s are a deep group- two other kids have just as many goals or close to Benson, there are some huge numbers being pu up by a hand full of players. Im not saying the league is weak but he also has a top 5-10 pick on D and a top 3 goalie in net. It will be fun to watch this all play out ove rthe next few years. If im a W team and I want a D 1st overall- its Klague, if its a forward I'd consider Steel.

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