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Originally Posted by usefulfiction View Post
THIS. 100%. THIS.

I pray for a top 5 pick and fear the standard mid pack finish. At least then, this team can stop pretending we're something we're not.
This isn't close to what I was saying. A Top 5 pick without significant injuries to this team is a fantasy.

Originally Posted by Troy McClure View Post
How different would things be if he coached for next season? I think it would be pretty similar to what you see today.
It'll be significantly different. We've already watched Joe be reluctant to trade Modano and other veterans, but then he lets them walk via free agency because they didn't fit team needs. We've also seen him move veteran pieces lately in the leadership to remake the identity of the team.

One way or the other, I do believe this is Morrow's last year in Dallas, and I have some faith that Robidas will be gone at least by the time his contract expires if not sooner.

So .... you can keep forcing the vets in the lineup now, and I do believe they are only marginally better than the rookies/young guys, or you can go through the growing pains right now. Otherwise .. you're right. Next is just a repeat of this season which is a repeat of the last 4 season. How has this organization telling itself they can win right now turned out so far? Yep ... 4 missed playoffs.

Originally Posted by CorwiN View Post
But I really don't think that a season of "Oh don't worry lads, it's okay if you totally fail, this season is a write-off" is going to help the cause. And by saying "oh no, we're coaching for NEXT season," you're basically saying that.
Playing young players absolutely does not say this. Like I said above, if the veterans are better than the young guys, it's marginal, but I can guarantee one thing. The veterans are as good as they're going to get, and they're only going to get worst. Just like with Eriksson in the past, there's a very good opportunity you could be rewarded handsomely for suffering through some growing pains.

I think you have just as good a chance if not better to make the playoffs if you go ahead and commit to all of the younger guys on the 23 man roster. That means leaving the forward group the way it is. Those Top 12 are fine, but I wouldn't mind if some guys were moved around within it.

It's only a small move, but I do think it's important for Larsen to play. You can develop him like you developed Eriksson or you can develop him like you did Niskanen and Fistric. I'm not guaranteeing he'll be a future #1 D or even consistant Top 4, but I know he's not going to develop very well if he's not playing. I also know that as much as I've been pleasantly surprised by Rome, he's not the difference between this team winning or losing.

So yeah ... I want to be happy about all these young guys already in the line up. I am, but I don't think it's that shocking to point out the team is hurting another asset by repeating mistakes of the past.

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