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02-06-2013, 06:02 PM
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I've played ice hockey, roller hockey, ball hockey. I've coached ice hockey and street hockey games. I've refereed games. I think hockey every day.

I have never played underwater hockey but have thought about it. Now, I discover there's underwater ice hockey?!!! I would do it in a nanosecond if I had the money to take the time and cover expenses. I'm turning 44 this year, about to do my first triathlon this coming fall, but would most like to try:

Underwater ice hockey (also called sub-aqua ice hockey) is a minor extreme sport that is a variant of ice hockey. It is played upside-down underneath frozen pools or ponds. Participants wear wetsuits and flippers, and use the underside of the frozen surface as the playing area for a floating puck. Competitors do not utilize any breathing apparatuses, but instead surface for air every 30 seconds.[1]

It is not to be confused with underwater hockey, in which the floor of a swimming pool and a sinking puck are used.

The first underwater ice hockey world cup was held at Weissensee, Austria in February 2007. Finland finished first, followed by Austria and Slovakia. The other playing nations were Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and Slovenia.
A Team Canada needs to participate! (Gawd, if I was 20 years younger...) Finland rocks so hard in hockey, even underwater ice hockey. If I wasn't Canadian I'd wish to be a Finn.

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