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Originally Posted by Anton Dubinchuk View Post

EDIT: Well coloring it silver for the spoilers doesn't really work...
Oh man, now that I think about it... (Here's another good link to spoilery speculation on Sherlock.)

Am I completely making the dummy/mannequin part up??? I could have sworn that there was some sort of mannequin in Holmes and Watson's apartment, but maybe it was entirely a figment of my imagination brought on by a year in time passing.

The more I start thinking about those theories, btw, the more and more I'm convinced that the head (or imaginary dummy) won't play a part in it... but who knows. But that would depend on how large of a role Molly has in the faked death. Does she arrange for the "fake" body? Or simply fake the death report on Moriarty's body?

I'm just dying to know what this "missed clue" Moffat keeps alluding to is!

And here's one more thing I know: I'm going to watch the season two finale AGAIN ASAP.

But still, damn them for making us wait this long.

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