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02-06-2013, 06:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Gm0ney View Post
There are many Jets fans who agree that the team made a mistake in drafting Scheifele over Couturier or Hamilton. You can't really write the whole story on that just yet, though. But the draft is done, mistake or not - we can only hope the Jets don't mishandle Scheifele. For me - I'm not even saying that sending him down is the wrong move...just that he wasn't given a real shot at making the team this year, and it strikes me as a bit of a botched handling of the situation.

I mean, sticking him on the 4th line - who does that with their 1st round, Top-10-pick rookies?

Florida: Huberdeau - Shore - Mueller (2nd line, Huberdeau on 2nd PP)
Montreal: Prust - Galchenyuk - Gallagher (3rd line - Galchenyuk on 2nd PP)
Boston: Seidenberg - Hamilton (2nd pairing/Hamilton on 2nd PP)
Edmonton: Yakupov - Gagner - Hemsky (2nd line, Yakupov on 2nd PP)
Minnesota: Granlund - Konopka - Setoguchi (4th line, Granlund on 2nd PP)
Minnesota: Suter - Brodin (10th overall, 1st pairing/Brodin on 2nd PP)
Ottawa: Zibanejad - Turris - Alfredsson (1st line, Zibanejad on 2nd PP)
Ottawa: Michalek - Smith - Silfverberg (2nd line)

What kind of chicken-**** outfit puts Scheifele on the 4th line and gives him 8 minutes a game and only a 4 game look? (And if you say Minnesota (Granlund) - keep in mind he's averaging 15 minutes a game - 13 ES, 2 PP).
^This^. I'm just catching up with this thread (damn you work for actually forcing me to work today!) and this sums my thoughts up exactly.

Those stating that Scheifele should've been sent down or (better yet) is a bust pick must have far more penetrating insight than I. How anything could be gleaned from his sparing shifts with offensive lightweights, other than the fact that he hustles his ass and generates offense, is beyond me. EDIT: Oh yeah, and he falls too much!

For those who see it from a bigger picture that Scheifele needs more time to develop against lower competition, fair enough. That line of thinking doesn't line up with my own, but I'll agree to disagree.

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