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Soccer Goalies

Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Yes, and by attack, thats precisely what they did. Skated out & met the guy head on, parking yourself in his shirt pocket before he even had a chance to shoot the puck. An aggressive nature in that regard mandatory, skating & stickhandling skill's of paramount importance, including being able to wield the wide part of the paddle from the heel to where the regular shaft meets it with the expertise of a Jai Alai player using a Xistera.

Back in the day, freezing the puck was indeed much frowned upon, to the point of in some circles being considered gutless. The Cowards way out. Cant take the pressure so you smother the puck huh?. Ref's were slow to blow the whistle unless bodies were littering the ice surface in the prone position, someone's ear dangling by a length of sinew perhaps, but no, you did not fall on or smother the puck because faceoffs in your own zone were & still are potentially very deadly indeed. Some centres more than capable of wringing a shot right at you just before the puck hits the ice from the refs hand or is so strong on the draw that BANG a back pass for a one-timer from a Winger or Defenceman through a maze of bodies.

Always keep the puck in play, as the oppositions in deep & as a Goalie, your responsibility to headman the puck up to your forwards for either a free & clear breakaway or odd man rush. Your guys are moving already, whereas from a standstill, what would often happen is the opposition just crashes your net, everyone falling all over one another, and another idiotic faceoff. Sometimes 3, 4 in a row. Ridiculous. Who needs that? Not smart hockey.
Like soccer goalies. Eliminating shooting options and the various angles and arcs available in three dimensional space.

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