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02-06-2013, 06:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Analyzer View Post
You have to put the cards value (for insurances purposes when in transit) and some of the cards I want graded have a bv of 400. For 20 cards it was going to cost me around 400 dollars. If it was just under 500 for 50 so I'd do it. It's expensive, but the value the cards could garner afterwards is worth it.

KSA grades cards too easily I've heard. I think Punk_o_holic posted on the previous page about them.

That's pretty impressive.
My first batch I sent it I put the Beckett value and then some on my cards (about $1200). It only cost me about $55 to send the cards in and have them arrive to Beckett in less than a week. The cost was still just over $500 to have them graded and returned. As a first time graded they will give you a good rate of about $8-9 per card. You do not pay duty on them returning as they mark the package as returning goods. I've sent in over 70 cards so far and haven't had one issue.

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