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02-06-2013, 07:53 PM
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You all have made many good observations about what is wrong. You've made many creative suggestions about how to correct things. I can't imagine that the coaching staff doesn't see what we all see. Why can't they get the players to execute?

I find the one about Lundqvist's inability to handle the puck very telling. Because the Rangers really don't have a puck moving defenseman to make that "breakout" pass, it's unfortunate that Lundqvist can't help out there.

In truth, because he is so bad in handling the puck, the Rangers just need to forget about him aiding their ailing powerplay. How many times have we seen him come out of the net to handle the puck, fail to get back and then get scored on?

And, I fail to understand how professional hockey players just don't get the concept that they need to keep moving. Surely they see how ineffectual the standing around has become. They don't even challenge the defenders to come out of their box.

The passing rather then shooting, whether at even strength or with a man advantage, is mind boggling. One timers can only be made if you have guys that are able to pass to one another. Defenders come out high and challenge the points because the Rangers are scared, tentative and unwilling to make a potential mistake. Why isn't the coaching staff telling them to take the shot. Isn't safe death.

I did some research last night to see if I could see any patterns or trends in Rangers powerplay stats since the last lockout.

Year Place Percentage
05-06 08th 18.9
06-07 08th 18.5
07-08 22nd 16.5
08-09 29th 13.9
09-10 13th 18.3
10-11 18th 16.9
11-12 23rd 15.7
12-13 30th 08.6

Yes, as of last night we were 30th in the powerplay.

Notice that through 05-06 and 06-07, the Rangers were a respectable 8th. Those were the days of Straka Nylander Jagr. Sure, Jagr set up shop on the half boards but Straka and Nylander could move, pass and set up Jagr.

After that line breaks up when Nylander left, the powerplay tanks, ultimately leading to a coaching change.

Torts and Sullivan come in and bring the powerplay back to some respectability but then it has taken a nose dive again.

Now fans are calling for Sullivan to go. Torts is doing a little damage control, saying it's the coaching staffs responsibility to fix the problem.

So far, Torts is doing what Renney did, going to is high priced players, his stars, in a last ditch effort to turn the powerplay around. How long until Torts realizes that they won't turn it around? In a shortened season there is no time to lose.

They didn't last year. Now that we have had an almost complete roster change on the 3/4 lines, the pk is suffering as well.

Torts need to take his speediest kids and let them shoot on the powerplay. Hagelin, Krieder, Gabby, Gilroy, Stepan, Miller, etc. Boyle and Halpern only out there if it's necessary on face offs.

In a shortened season, it's all about special teams.

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