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02-06-2013, 07:54 PM
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Moving from US to Montreal?

Hello Habs fans

So there's a good possibility I can go to McGill for grad school. I've got some general questions regarding living in Montreal.

One, how are housing costs? Right now, I pay $525 for my apt. in Philly ($522 Canadian if my conversion is correct). What kind of apartment can you get at a similar rate? Or, what neighborhoods would be good to look for a place to live that would be easy to access both McGill and downtown Montreal?

I have a car (for the time being), so it's also something to consider. How is driving/parking around Montreal?

Another obvious concern is language. I get the idea most of you are bilingual, just wondering if I will feel any alienation if I don't speak French well. (Though, I took French for 6 years in grade school... and went to France once and was able to communicate fairly well... but it has been a while since then and my French is certainly rusty.)

Also, I don't really know what kind of reputation the student body of McGill has... can anyone familiar paint me a picture of how the culture is there?

Any other comments would be greatly appreciated.


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