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02-06-2013, 06:57 PM
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Originally Posted by HockeyFanMan View Post
Col fans are giving ROR way too much respect for a guy who is holding out and has one good year...55 pts. Fine you don't have to agree on any trade proposals but why bother saying anything unless it's constructive. Don't misread this as I really do think you have a great player in ROR. Just not sure where his head is at right now as far as team loyality.

If your worried about Gardiner's injury then that's ok...i understand.

Again tho....were only going to trade one for one here as far as this Leaf fan is concerned for ROR. Col is not exactly holding all the cards with any trading partner because he IS holding out and the other team still has to sign him.

My second offer ( alittle hestitant tho ) would be Morgan Reilly but that would be as far as I would go...What do Col fans think of this offer?
lol They say no of course they would want Morgan Gardiner and a first. and oh then the avs might think about it. One thing i have learned never talk with ave fans for proposal they value their guys like they are all wayne gretzky type guys. Done with this thread ignorant fans.

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