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Originally Posted by flapanthersfan View Post
lol are you actually serious? you're trying to quote our coach saying Clemmensen was "all right", and act as if that supports your argument?


did you expect Dineen to come out and say "boy, Clemmensen was ****ing awful" because that's what a good coach would do, throw his players under the bus.

did you actually read my post? i clearly said theodore hasn't been playing well lately, either. his last three games have been pretty bad, but the team in front of him got him 2 wins. scoring 10 goals in 2 games.

so in other words, you couldn't be anymore wrong.

he looked terrible all game. the jets had zero scoring chances in the first period, and despite that, hit the post twice (LOL). he was giving up hideous rebounds in the first as well, gave up two terrible goals in the second. he made his only two saves worth anything in the third.

so he made 2 worthwhile saves, gave up 2 terrible goals. on what planet is that good goaltending? let alone in the NHL?

Drew Shore played 41 games in the AHL. Jacob Markstrom has played over 100.

get a clue.

A) have you seen San Antonio play in front of him? that team is a disaster and he hides their shortcomings with his ridiculous play

B) the last three games have been VERY well played games by the 18 skaters in front of our goalies. especially last night. if we continue to play like that, Markstrom is being put in a much more conducive situation to succeed than he is in San Antonio.

so again, your argument completely works against you.

we can disagree until we're blue in the face as to whether clemmensen is a "good" backup (he's not, he's medicore, at best).

but the point i was making is markstrom is an improvement. no one is stupid enough to argue that. he makes our team better, right now. and in a schedule like this one, and both of our goalies struggling...theres ZERO reason to have him in the AHL.

give him a 50-50 split with theodore and we're a better team than we were yesterday. it's as simple as that.
You need to relax. You're coming off very emotionally and you seem unhinged. Relax.

Dineen would say something where people can read between the lines. He's done it in the past. Too bad Clemmenson didn't suck last night. If you think he sucked, which you do, you do not understand goaltending or hockey.

Clemmer is a good backup, and he was top 30 in Save% and GAA last year for goalies who played a minimum of 20 games. The only reason you don't agree is because you're stubborn or ignorant to facts. That must make you mad how statistically you're wrong.

Drew Shore doesn't play goalie. He also has been playing in North America longer than Markstrom. It's an apples and oranges comparison. You can't compare a CENTER to a GOALIE. Goalies take longer to develop than D-men who take longer to develop than forwards. If you knew this you wouldn't jump to conclusions so quickly about games played. As you would say, get a clue.

Good to see him hiding the shortcoming in AHL games. That's not the same as NHL play. It's a slower game with less skilled players.

Markstrom is an asset. You need to let him keep developing in the minors. We don't have a goaltending problem so you're creating a solution to a problem that doesn't exist. Markstrom still needs work in the A. He's playing well now but we need to see stretches of high level play. He was rocky to start the season and playing well now. Lets see him keep playing well. Santos said he'll be up eventually but you can't make the argument that last night is the catalyst for him to come up.

We wont be a better team with Markstrom in net. We have sloppy play, poor decision making, and players sucking it up big time. We made the playoffs with Theo and Clemmer. Clemmer was 14-6-6! He got us points in 20/26 games. That's a good backup but I know you're stubborn or ignorant to facts.

Anyway, there are bigger issues than your simple minded kneejerk extremely emotional overreaction to a goalie giving up 2 goals in regulation. Like as MarkstromRules pointed out about waiving Clemmer and then we'd have to buy him out next year.

A lot of people disagree with you so you need to relax. You're not making a very solid argument as it is. You freaked out about Clemmer giving up two goals in regulation which some would very reasonably argue were not even his fault. If you want people to take you seriously, don't inject extremely emotional overreactions to discussions. Hope that helps.

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