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Not directed at you. But just in general.

On these boardsthere arethe following crowds:

Gaborik is invisibleand softer than tissue; gethim out ofhere!

Gaborik is our bestplayer and the onlyguywho can score goals!
He's one of the NHL's top scorers when he's motivated. He's not always motivated or healthy. And that's an issue when a player takes up 7+ on the cap and is looked at to be a consistent player. All of his goals this season have come in two games. The rest of the time?

Nash hasbeen terrible! The trade was terrible! Nash can't even shoot!

Nash is our new best player and the onlyone who creates offense!
Nash has been good. But again, he's looked at to be a top performer and he hasn't been scoring. That's why he was brought here, to score.

Richards is beginning to decline and it's easyto see; we should probablyuse our buyout on him!

Richards is theonly legit Cwe have and his playstyle indicates he can keep going even as he ages!
Richards should be an elite center. Like he was his whole career. We are in month two of the 2013 season. He has been awful. He is showing the signs of a player in decline. Its a legitimate concern when a player is 32 and is under contract for 7 more seasons at 6.667 per.

Like Nash and Gaborik, he is looked at and relied on to be a top performer.

I if your best players are not your best players...what then?

Stepan is garbage and shouldn'tbe in the top-six!

Stepan is a legityoung 2C with a defensive gameto boot!
Stepan is 22. He IS a legit second line player. Do the math on how many players have scored 50+ points last season.

That said, he is struggling. Growing pains. He's still developing.

Bring back Zucc! Zucc is SO offensively skilled! He's justwhat this team needs!

More grit! More JAM!
We need both more skill and more grit.

Hankhasbeen garbage! Biron is thebestgoalie on theteam!
He was the best goaltender in the NHL last season. He's a sure fire Hall Of Fame player. His number will be retired by the Rangers. There are high expectations for him especially when this team is supposed to be contending for a Cup this season. Thus far he has not been as good as he can be.

MDZ is our best defenseman!

MDZ hasrocks for brains!
He has more potential then any of our other defensemen because of his offensive skills. At times he's great. At times he's flat out terrible. Sometimes he looks like he has **** in his brains. Other times he looks fantastic. He's very young and developing. Thank God he didn't get 3+ million YET He will command a lot on his next contract. Rightfully so.

Boyle is a garbage, fringeNHLer who shouldn't even seeregular shifts!

Boyle is an adequate 3C with a good defensivegame!
Defensively Boyle is a 3rd line center. Offensively he doesn't produce consistently. The 20 goal season put a lot of expectations on him.

The Rangers need more from him.

Hagelin sucks!
He does not suck. But they need him to produce a little more. He scored 40 points last season. They need more out of him. And he's capable of more.

Wait for our youth to develop and stop panicking!

Torts is a clown and he's to blame! Him and hissystem! It kills offense!
They need more out of him too. He has to allow himself to adapt to what's happening in game more. If the strategy isn't working, make adjustments.

It'sSullivan! FireSullivan!!!
He runs the Power Play and right now the Power Play is the worst in the NHL. With Nash, Gaborik, and Richards on the roster there is no excuse. Something has to give.

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