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02-06-2013, 07:42 PM
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Originally Posted by WeridAl View Post
A backup that has beaten the Canucks once and lost in a shoot out the other time.

Right now looking at this season Dubnyk would win hands down.

Oilers get hosed here, Dubnyk = Schneider and if Schneider doesn't step up and prove he's that starting goalie, then he's not a match for Dubnyk. The way Hemsky is playing right now, I don't think a package of Ballard and Higgins would get you Hemsky alone. Then the Oilers have to add Fistric, someone's dreaming here.

what are you basing this on?

Schneider has proven he's a starting goalie. He's had 1 bad period this season and that's reflected on his season stats - and that was the first game of the year, where he was shelled and pulled after 26 mins.... since then his save% this season - in all his other games combined - has been close to .940!

What the hell does he have to do to "step up and prove he's a starting goalie"?? Schneider has the best number of any goalie in the game over the past 2 seasons. He's had 1 bad start to this season, and has improved since, posting excellent numbers in his other games, which includes shutting out the same team that he was pulled against in game 1.

People need to pay more attention to the actual games, instead of just making blanket statments that make no sense. There's nothing more for Schneider to prove - he's proven that he's a quality starting goalie in this league. He's done that by posting better numbers than any goalie in the game over the past 2 seasons. And if you look at his game logs, you'll see that's not being sheltered against top teams - he was often getting the toughest starts of the year last year...

and just to add, the playoff games he played last year, he ended up posting the same incredible numbers he has in the regular season.

26 mins of hockey to start the year after a lockout, does not define a player. If you look at just the stats sheet and ignore his actual performances though, you wouldn't know any better.

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