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02-06-2013, 07:54 PM
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Originally Posted by ninetynine View Post
"Notice how Crombeen is just coming off his skates..."
That's where this "analysis" loses all credibility, I don't care what the ****** lightning captain did, Rinaldo should have stopped a punch or two earlier.
I agree on stopping a punch or two earlier sentiment. I don't know whether he saw Crombeen was already out on the way down, though. As far as him talking to the refs, that actually made things better in my view, seeing how he was concerned with not wanting to punch someone that's already down. But the ref only confirmed he didn't punch him when he was actually on the ground, which of course is true.

As for the game, it was pretty sweet. Still not that much offensive spark, though, and Schenn still doing nothing on the offense. I'm starting to get a bit worried about that, and a prime example was one of his plays in the first period when he had the puck on the opposing blue line and no one that close around him, and instead of holding the puck and waiting for others to come by, he just chipped it to where there was absolutely no chance our players would get there first and headed off on a change. I don't know, it's those little plays that he seems to be lacking right now, but hopefully he improves his play as the season goes along.

Sestito came as a Roman, and Timonen was also an absolute beast on the defense. I liked Giroux's play much better, and his faceoff-taking was just incredible. McGinn also surprises me more and more, and all in a good way. And I guess the last honorable mention goes to Bryz.

So a lot of good to our game, hopefully they keep it up. I don't mind us being a low scoring team, if that means our defense is rock solid.

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