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Originally Posted by Tiranis View Post
10-11: 1st (Daniel) and 5th (Henrik)
09-10: 1st (Henrik) and 5th (Daniel)
08-09: 7th (Daniel) and 11th (Henrik)

Last year was the first year they declined at ES (and even then only one of them) as Henrik finished 12th and Daniel 56th.
Ah, yes, 09-11, which correlates exactly with Ehrhoff's tenure.

You can look at stats to try and tell the story or you could try to tell with your eyes. Ever since Ehrhoff left, the Sedins' way of entering the zone has basically been: slow down at the line, make a tight drop pass, and skate it in.. or a soft dump and chase game. They spend a lot more time entering the zone to set up the play than when Ehrhoff simply rushed the puck from the back-end. They probably spend about 5 more seconds on average per shift breaking the zone, retrieving the puck, and setting up the zone for offense. Having to break the zone without a legitimate puck-moving defenseman screws them up severely.

I don't blame the Sedins. We've always known about their lack of footspeed, but Gillis got around that by bringing in Ehrhoff and establishing a system based on puck movement and speed. Unfortunately for Gillis and Vigneault, they lost the player most essential to that system and have not replaced him. None of our defensemen are fast enough to work in a system like that, which is why we needed two goaltenders to constantly bail us out last year.

The Sedins' biggest weakness isn't their toughness or defensive play, but their lack of speed.

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