Thread: Rumor: Pens eyeing Kulemin
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02-06-2013, 08:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Anth93 View Post
I'd love for you to convince me otherwise.

Oh there's no doubt, his line is playing the shut down role while also adding offense.

I value an upside prospect like Maata over a year and a half of a defensive player with limited offense.
The question is what Nonis values.

That's the trick with trade threads. We overrate our guys and underrate the other team's guys. Sometimes, you'll get people who don't. But, what people rarely do is try to take a step back and, instead of looking at these things as fans, try to look at it from BOTH GM's perspectives.

It's really simple how a deal gets done: Nonis has a minimum he'll take. Shero has a maximum he'll pay. If those two lines cross, then there's potential for a deal. If not, then all of this is academic.

IMO, Shero didn't send his two top scouts to Toronto on Monday for the heck of it. The potential for a deal for someone-- likely Toronto-- is there. Maybe it's MacArthur. Kulemin always is speculated. I wouldn't be stunned if it were Kessel he was thinking about going after.

Or, as happens probably 98% of the time with these things, nothing comes of it.

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