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Originally Posted by flapanthersfan View Post
emotional responses are provoked by patronizing comments like this one.

i've played goalie my entire life, at extremely competitive levels and have received proper training/coaching. i've forgotten more about the position that you could ever hope to learn.

as i stated before - statistics can be deceiving, especially with the goaltending position.

i dont have time right now to go into details (i have to play a game at 9pm...AS A GOALIE ), but if you think Clemmer is a "good goalie" you're insane.

all you seem to do is spew the same 'ol garbage management/media says.

yes, if you stereotype, what you said may be true. but every player is different. these are individuals, they develop at different rates. markstrom has had THREE SEASONS and over 100 games to adapt to north america. that's plenty, especially for a guy of his supposed skillset. no one can disagree.

i'm the one not making good arguments - yet all you do is spew conventional thinking and act as if it's the truth because it's popular opinion.

if you think this team isn't a better team with a markstrom-theodore tandem instead of a clemmensen-theodore tandem...(like you said) you don't even deserve to respond to any of this because you have no credibility on the subject.
14-6-6 last year, top 30 in GAA and Save % for goalies who played min 20 games last year. He's a good backup at the NHL level. Refusing to give him credit hurts your argument. That's how you gain credibility on topics. The guy gave up two goals in regulation and you create a thread saying Clemmer needs to be demoted. That's crazy.

Markstrom was also coming back from a knee injury. If they were so high on him they wouldn't have signed Clemmer to an extension. The plan, is clear. Markstrom gets some action at some point this season, starting job is his to lose next season. Let him get the kinks out, work on his play in the AHL. Apparently management and scouts who see him a lot more than you or I clearly disagree with you.

It's not better. We could have Henrik and Quick in net and we'd still lose games because this is a TEAM game and our forwards and D haven't been doing their jobs. AGAIN, goaltending is not a problem. Unless Markstrom can score goals 5 on 5 he's not needed at this point.

If there's one thing I do here, it's not go with the norm/conventional thinking. I had Drew Shore penciled in as our #2 center. Check the line thread.

You still haven't responded to MarkstromRules's comment.

People are split on this issue. Fact remains, you created a thread calling for Clemmer's demotion after he gave up two goals in regulation. This isn't the time. Simple as that. That's not how you manage personnel.

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