Thread: Pre-Game Talk: Phoenix Coyotes 2/7
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02-06-2013, 09:25 PM
Chris Hansen
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Originally Posted by AmericanDream View Post
let it go?

what is with all this pacifist nonsene on here?

if this was during the time of Grimson, Peluso, and Keenan there would be blood tomorrow night 100%.

I said that our tough guys like Bollig and Mayers should go get him because Hossa could have been retired right now. I dont care if the hit was last year, or he apologized, you guys would be acting different if Hossa was still eating apple sauce through a straw right now.

I dont want players like Sharp or Kane going after him, but there is no reason why our 4th line guys who play barely 6 minutes a night cant take one of those shifts and try and destroy him. we can give him payback and beat them on the scoreboard all at once.

what would be poetic justice is if Hoss catches him with his head down and just floors him cleanly. I might wake up the kids if that happens.

and to your other point you simply cannot be serious with the Keith/Sedin hit and the Torres/Hossa hit as being the same. that is ridiculous Hansen and you know it. Sedin played like a punk and got caught up, Hossa didnt do anything to deserve that hit, big big difference.
A lot of Hawks fans made a huge deal out of that little Sedin hit when it really wasn't much. A 2 minute penalty? Yeah, maybe. But that's about it. What Keith did was inexcusable, that's why he was suspended. What Torres did was also inexcusable but he was a repeat offender so he deservedly got a much longer suspension.

Sorry, it's not the era of Grimson anymore. It's 2013.
Maybe a nice legal hit or two on Torres - that's the most we're going to see (if even that, and I have my doubts given the Hawks aren't physical) and it's also the most we should see.

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