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02-06-2013, 08:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Pretty average game and I'm generous. No emotion, not the atmosphere that we're used to. Bruins are totally ready to be beaten (except Rask), Habs are totally inable to take advantage of it. And usually, whenver something like this happens, the team that isn't opportunistic lose. Let's hope it's not the case tonight.

I'm a big Rask fan, so unfortunate that he's playing for the enemy. Yet, he was picked by THE other enemy, so I was bound to hate him....But he's a great goalie. History will tell where he'll end up to be, but he does have a chance to play with a great team and for years to come. Boston is incredibly lucky. I do envision Rask asking for a trade if Thomas would have still be a Bruin for the next 2 or 3 years....That way, Bruins would have seen a goalie in his descent, while they would have lost the future. And again...just wishful thinking....You think that Chara is surely about to retire and then Bruins will have a tougher time on D and then here comes Hamilton. Not saying he'll be a Chara, but he will be a complete player.
You overblow this whole "ready to be beaten" stuff. This is a very good NHL team missing guys, and that had 3 full days to rest. We are a team that came off a 15th place finish, we once were lacking Subban AND Pacioretty, and we found a way to win some games out there.

No Claude Julien team is easy to play against. We came out firing in the 1st and lacked of opportunism, it's not a question of effort or a question of global performance. And in the 2nd they adjusted well, like any Julien team, and closed the center ice.

This is the NHL. There is no such thing as a team "ready to be beaten".

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