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02-06-2013, 08:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Timmer44 View Post
There is such a simple solution to the resale of games. For retailers who want to stem used game sales for their title, just offer part of the game for a heavily discounted price, and the secondary part as a download or add-on. A game like Call of Duty could be sold for $20. With the disc, you get the Singleplayer campaign. If you want to play Multiplayer, you buy a $30 multiplayer addon that is linked to your account. Similar to how DLC is now.

Also, right now, internet caps and bandwidth don't make full downloadable bluray discs feasible. Instead, have stations in game retailers which a customer would come in, and transfer a game onto their system using USB sticks or maybe a sort of removable hard drive. That game is linked to the account and can't be resold. Offer the digital copy at a bit of a discount. The developer only has to transfer the digital copy to the retailers instead of every consumer.
There's no way retailers would do that:

1. Retailers make almost no money on new games as is
2. That process would take a huge amount of time, even with high transfer rate tech

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