Thread: Proposal: Canucks & Oilers
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02-06-2013, 08:45 PM
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Originally Posted by StringerBell View Post
What bearing does a two game sample size against an injured Canucks squad have on the situation? We can't afford to keep Schneider and Luongo next year without gutting or depth, what makes you think we can afford to roll with Dubnyk and Luongo? Especially if we're adding Hemsky for Higgins, who makes almost the times as much money.

This trade makes zero sense from the Canucks POV.
Dubnyk has played on a bad team, with a terrible D, were as Schneider has played on a very good team with a excellent D. This trade will never happen, but what would Dubnyk's stats be if he had a team like the Canucks in front of him. It's debatable which one is better and Schneider has proven anything until he plays a full season as a starter and 33 games is not a full season.

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