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Originally Posted by flapanthersfan View Post
emotional responses are provoked by patronizing comments like this one.

i've played goalie my entire life, at extremely competitive levels and have received proper training/coaching. i've forgotten more about the position that you could ever hope to learn.

as i stated before - statistics can be deceiving, especially with the goaltending position.

i dont have time right now to go into details (i have to play a game at 9pm...AS A GOALIE ), but if you think Clemmer is a "good goalie" you're insane.

all you seem to do is spew the same 'ol garbage management/media says.

yes, if you stereotype, what you said may be true. but every player is different. these are individuals, they develop at different rates. markstrom has had THREE SEASONS and over 100 games to adapt to north america. that's plenty, especially for a guy of his supposed skillset. no one can disagree.

i'm the one not making good arguments - yet all you do is spew conventional thinking and act as if it's the truth because it's popular opinion.

if you think this team isn't a better team with a markstrom-theodore tandem instead of a clemmensen-theodore tandem...(like you said) you don't even deserve to respond to any of this because you have no credibility on the subject.
I agree with every single thing you say. As opposed to just spewing out stats with no context, your points are all very valid arguments.

Unfortunately, I don't see it happening. Clemm was signed to a two-year deal while the team knew his shortcomings. I want Markstrom up and Clemm out, but unless it's an injury situation, I doubt Markstrom will be brought up this year which is very unfortunate.

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