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02-06-2013, 10:07 PM
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Originally Posted by CapnCornelius View Post
You can find first line players throughout the early rounds in most drafts. But some of it is scouting and some of it is dumb luck.

If we're going to miss the playoffs, I hope the Kings and Rangers join us. The chance to do something special like the Canucks did in drafting the Sedins or the Ducks did with Perry and Getzlaf is something this franchise could use in a big way.

Of course, I'm hoping Scott Howson is nowhere near our drafting decisions. Let JD and Patrick control our drafting. This opportunity is too important to make another blunder.
Let's take a look at Patrick's first-round record of drafting when he wasn't spoon-fed top-5 picks.

Colby Armstrong, Brooks Orpik, Konstantin Koltsov, Milan Kraft, Robert Dome, Craig Hillier, Alexei Morozov, Chris Wells, Stefan Bergqvist, Martin Straka, Markus Naslund. Straka and Naslund are the only two players who ever played at a level higher than "serviceable", and none of those others except Orpik even reached that level.

Want to look at the second round?

Carl Sneep, Michael Gergen, Johannes Salomonsson, Alex Goligoski, Ryan Stone, Ondrej Nemec, Noah Welch, Shane Endicott, Matt Murley, Jeremy Van Hoof, Brian Gaffaney, Alexander Zevakhin, Pavel Skrbek, Richard Park, Dominic Pittis, Marc Hussey, Rusty Fitzgerald.

Park (serviceable) and Goligoski (still unknown) are easily the two best players there. Outside of that, there's not even a single NHL-level depth player at any point. Park and Goligoski are the only two players to hit the 100 games played mark in their careers.

I have no idea how you can sit there with a straight face and talk about "JD's drafting". The Blues' best pick is Pietrangelo, who was a 4th overall pick in a top-heavy draft. Tarasenko is 9 games into his NHL career. Outside of that, it's the same situation as it is in Columbus...a lot of guys who are still prospects, and a small handful who no longer are. To make it sound as if the Blues' drafting is decisively better since 2007 since Columbus' is dishonest.

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