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02-06-2013, 09:11 PM
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[QUOTE=ULF_55;59166653]It is the balance to the Kadri is a star crowd.

I think the majority see him as a valuable asset that Carlyle is using with discretion.

If we did a distribution chart we'd have a few on either end of the chart.[/QUOTE]

LOL! You could put me on the other end of that chart. Once he gains the core strength this kid is going to be special

I don't think Carlyle is using him with discretion. IMO I believe that there's not enough pucks to go around to have Kadri and Kessel on the same line for 5 on 5 hockey (it will be a turnover show) and I think Carlyle sees it that way as well that's why Bozak is still centering Kessel. I think Kadri would get 1st pp duties if he was better at faceoffs to the liking of Carlyle that's why he's on the 2nd PP unit on the wing cause he does want to use him more.

I think Carlyle wants to play Kadri more in fact he's said that more than once but he has a responsibility to the whole team to put the guys on the ice in situations he feels will succeed for the team to win games not just to Kadri and play him more. Both Kadri and Frattin ice time or lack of is due to Carlyle's coaching tactics of excessive line matching... Rather we all agree with his decisions or disagree his responsibility is to coach for the 2 points, he doesn't roll lines and that effects ice time. There ice time has nothing to do with using them in discretion. The top line is Kessel's line and the Grabo line is his shut down line he matches heavily, these 2 lines will play heavy. Sucks for Kadri and his fans like myself, that's just the way it is the good news Kadri and Frattin are making there minutes count.

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