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02-06-2013, 09:17 PM
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A hot goalie and a terrible start to the 3rd doomed us. We played well enough for the other 58 minutes but I knew we'd be hard pressed to get one past Rask that wasn't a flukey tip like Subban's goal.

Cole needs to wake up. He's played maybe 2 good games so far and this wasn't one of them. Patches was fine and DD was the best player on that line IMO.

Pleks played pretty well but if he had buried one of his 3 glorious chances we'd be singing a different tune. Blew his coverage on the GWG too. Gionta was pretty invisible (1 goal in 8 games now?) but Bourque continued his good play.

PGG line was pretty invisible as a whole, and I don't think we should be counting on them for regular offense. Which is all the more reason why the DD line needs to get their **** together as a whole.

Fourth line was all right. Armstrong played probably his best game of the year (not saying much). Eller too really needed to bury his chances but showed some jump. Moen was invisible.

D wasn't great. Emelin gets exposed pretty badly when he gets running around in his own zone trying to figure out who to cover, and he lost it on the first goal. Markov was all right but his passes seemed off and overall very casual. Terrible pass/shot at the end of the game to seal it for the B's. Subban was both ends of the spectrum, a nice goal and a backbreaking, stupid penalty. Bouillon played really well. Gorges and Diaz were all right. Price was good.

Sucks to lose that way and to that team, but you just gotta move on. It wasn't a terrible effort by any means.

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