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02-06-2013, 09:25 PM
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i found it funny how dwayne casey was defending andrea because of the welcome he got, he hasn't been here long enough to be defending bargs. someone should tell casey the reason we hate him is because in 7 years he has not gotten better at anything except eating primo pasta and getting paid by BC.

as for the game, i noticed we have stopped moving the ball as much now and why the hell is anderson on the court so much. i understand he can stretch the floor but he has no value other then shooting the 3, i'm sure ross can suffice in that role. watching anderson not rolling to barbosa off a pick in roll, in the 4th where lowry got caught, was just flat out lazy for him. he has been doing that a lot lately, being lazy.

IMO our closing 5 should be amir, gay, lowry, DD, ross. ross needs to learn to defend some time and why not use this season. also i don't see much difference between him and anderson, other then the fact that anderson does a really good robert dinero face when he gets called for a foul.

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