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Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post
If you mean reading rational thought and laid out facts regarding the salary cap, the state of the roster, as well as the ages and what can be expected moving forward...

To contrast delusional thoughts of grandeur about a 32 year old winger who takes up 7.5 of what will be a 64 million dollar cap ceiling...while attempting to convince everyone of the conspiracy that is Marc Staal itching for his contract to expire so he can go play in Carolina...lets not forget that apparently everyone is going to, for some reason take pay cuts...


Head over to the salary cap thread. Its been done.

You or I do not know Staal's intentions. There are only two places I can see him go. Here or Carolina. Its a pretty real issue I believe. You ever play with your brothers?

Do you really think Gaborik is going to take in more than 7.5 on his next deal?

I can already tell youre one of those people who confuses your opinion with fact and deal in absolutes. Wonderful.

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