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Originally Posted by Mike Farkas View Post
I don't really want to be a party to this process at the end here, as I'm a tiny bit unsure as to what purpose it serves being in individual threads like this (not being snarky, just being honest).

I'll say the consistent part of the Hasek being 7th thing is - and C1958 can correct me if I'm putting words in his mouth incorrectly - is the anticipatory nature of the goalies ahead of him. The reflexive Hasek was not the best first-shot goalie ever, but he's probably the best second (and more) shot goalie ever. The six goalies ahead of Hasek on C1958's vote are very good in terms of their hockey sense and anticipation ability, to the best of my knowledge, which makes them extremely adaptable, finite traits for sustainability.
Close but you have to ask the key follow-up question. What are the consequences of not being the best first-shot goalie ever?

Well the consequences are that there are more second, third etc shots that good or great first-shot goalies do not see or have to stop. If a goalie cannot efficiently control rebounds deflecting / clearing pucks to corners or boards but leaves rebounds in the slot why should such a goalie get credit for inefficiency or putting his team at risk? Nice youtube and late night sports hilites result but that is not the purpose of goaltending. A team wants the fewest number of such hilites either goals or saves.

Add the consequences of other weaknesses that no one has disputed, the poor puck handling and poor use of defensive skaters. Get the puck out of the defensive zone as quickly as possible. Few SOGs from beyond the goalies defensive zone and even fewer non ENG goals.

Weaknesses do not deserve credit.

Like the old view that there is a virtue or advantage to knowing what to do if someone is lost in the woods. True, but there is a greater advantage to knowing how not to get lost in the woods in the first place.

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