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02-06-2013, 10:29 PM
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Originally Posted by mistrhanky View Post
Yeah, that stuff is just dumb. I think perhaps people don't understand my context of 'attitude'. My team, god love 'em, does a lot of watching. They watch three guys stand in front of the crease. They watch the puck. The watch wingers fall over our goalie and give him a little extra shove getting up. The poke at the puck, but don't play the stick. We have racked up 16 PIM in 10 games(three from bench minors). The next lowest PIM in the league is 78 minutes. The Ref's have commented that we cannot let ourselves just get pushed around out there and need to protect our goalie. We surrender 40+ SOG per game, most from inside the slot. This is not every player, but a lot of them. They aren't bad guys at all, just not willing to play the body very often.

Now, if people think I am a dick because I don't like our goalie(our best player by far) get trampled on, and being outnumbered in our crease all the time, then so be it. I think you do have to have some attitude about now getting steamrolled. I am not talking about being Doug Glatt... but you can't be LaFlamme either. I don't see where battling for pucks, playing the stick, "pushing", etc is anything but good hockey. It's beer league, there should never be anything that would leave a bad taste in your mouth once the whistle blows. I can't be the only one that thinks good hard competition is one of the best things about this game. Hell, I would play soccer otherwise.
By the sounds of it your team just lacks the intensity and maybe even the skill to play in the division your in.

If a guy fall into or runs your goalie on purpose I still think it's fair game to also attempt to mildly injure that player by putting all your weight into that guy and driving him into the board or giving him a hard whack on the back of the legs. Or a million other things like short elbows in the kidneys. If a player is going to be enough of a dick to run a goalie he has what is coming to him.

Generally though in front of the net with your size you should be able to box guy out often enough so just try to spot where he wants to go and beat him to that spot. Slapping a guys stick lightly who might be getting the puck also tend to mess players up at the level and rarely gets called. Hitting a guys gloves also work. Just look at what the toughest Dmen are like that you've played against that are difficult and annoying to play against but also toe that line. That will give you a good indication of what you can do.

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