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02-06-2013, 10:42 PM
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Originally Posted by kihei View Post
This seems like destiny. Too many people with the Leafs seem to want to "move forward," too much stigma is attached to the Burke trade. The new suits are nothing if not image conscious, and Kessel is now seemingly a relic from the disgraced Burke era. So this idea has turn-the-page written all over it. Poor Kessel. Up until his uncharacteristic performance this year, he has done exactly what he was hired to do. For his part, I don't know if this is so, but I wouldn't blame him in the least for wanting out of Toronto and opting for a fresh, less controversial start somewhere else.

But this also has absolutely classic Leafs stupidity written all over it. Now Nonis shops him? In the midst of the worst start of his career? Not the best way to manage the team's major asset. If he goes to a contender, he is going to give that team one hell of a weapon come playoff time. He will add a new dimension to any decent team that he joins.

A good young player, a top prospect and a high draft pick would be the ideal return, but the timing is the pits.
Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding!

I don't mind that the Leafs are listening in on offers for Kessel, because that's what should happen for any player. But if they do trade him away, it will probably be motivated by imagine considerations more than 10 games of a goaless drought.

The need to 'clear the deck' is dumb and motivated by nothing more than considerations for corporate image, just like when Fletcher was brought in to villainize the so-called Muskoka Five in the ugliest attempt at rebuilding I have ever seen. Sure, they got rid of everyone in the end, but how were they dumping productive NHLers at negative value? Nobody in the history of rebuilds ever traded a guy like Bryan McCabe AND a damned pick to get Mike Van Ryn back. Utterly disgraceful.

If Kessel is dealt, it better be for a sweetheart hockey deal. That's the only thing I could accept.

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