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Originally Posted by flapanthersfan View Post
you might think all this hurts my argument, but it's actually your inability to read or comprehend simple points.

i said it countless times, clemmensen is a serviceable backup. he is, because theres several goalies out there that are worse than he is.

that does not make him a good goalie.

markstrom has the ability to be an elite starter, to steal games. something scott clemmensen cannot offer, never has and never will. and something theodore is not offering ATM, either.

an potentially elite talent makes this team better than a servicable backup. markstrom may have his ups and downs, but on his worst nights he'll be what Clemmensen is. servicable. if he plays well, he can steal games. in other words - we'd be a better team overall.

not that difficult to understand.

i don't disagree with their plan from this offseason. going into the season with markstrom and theodore as the NHL tandem would have been very risky considering the knee injury markstrom was coming off of.

but that's old news. he's proven he's healthy. clemmensen is no longer needed. trade him, or send him down (SA would need a goalie, unless Houser is ready...), but markstrom makes this team better.

a good GM adapts to the situation at hand. he made the right call bringing in clemmensen for insurance. that insurance isn't needed. move him, and improve your team.

you do realize just because you keep saying this over and over doesn't make it true, right?

the first 6 games i'd agree with you. our team in front of the goalies was abysmal and we wouldn't win with Patrick Roy in net. but the last 3, the team has played very well. but the goaltending has sprung a leak.

we got away with it against winnipeg and buffalo, but pissed away a point because of it last night. it is a problem, a problem that has only cost us one point thus far, but nipping it in the bud before it costs us even more would be the pro-active thing to do.

oh, you mean how i said Drew Shore was our second best player after Fleishmann after i saw him play 2 games?

or how i called Tyson Strachan our second best defensman a few games ago?

insinuating that i go with conventional thinking is laughable.

everything you're spewing about goalies needing more time to develop and this other garbage is conventional thinking. just because you penciled in drew shore as a #2 center doesn't negate the fact that you're spewing conventional thinking.

demoting him may have been harsh, he's an nhl player. but the reason for the post was to show that Markstrom should be in the NHL right now, and he should be taking Clemmensen's spot. Trade him. if you can't, send him down to play in SA and see if he plays well. maybe some desperate team would bite. if not, you buy him out. that's what i'm proposing, and it was pretty obvious, so responding to MR's wasn't entirely necessary.
Did you just learn the word "spewing" today? How old are you? 15?

This is the last time I respond to you on this topic because this can go on and on and I'm sure other people are tired of this.

Clemmer is a good backup. People here put him unfairly under the microscope every single game and overrate his mistakes and rarely give him credit and when the do give him credit they go out of there way to say they're giving him credit (AG I'm looking at you.) You freaked out and want Markstrom up here. That's not a reasonable reaction and certainly not worthy of Clemmer losing his job. I stand behind the assertion, goaltending is not an issue.

Oh, you said Drew Shore was our second best forward after two games? Congratulations. I've been telling everyone about Shore for as long as I've been around here. Way ahead of you kiddo. I'm kind of embarrassed to even be writing that, ha. I wasn't insinuating anything. I swear.

I think Markstrom will be a stud, it just makes no sense to bring him up right now. You're panicking. If Tallon moves Clemmer within the month to bring up Markstrom permanently, I'll personally apologize to you. 100%. I'll even say, I'm sorry for spewing all that nonsense and you were right. Mark this post. I ain't mad at ya.

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