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Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post

5Ks...originally a mid end skate from 2008/2009. I do firmly believe that the Reebok fit has changed over the years. The newer models are slightly wider and slightly deeper I find from fitting people. They've repositioned the Pump a couple of times since that generation as well as altered the heel on some models.

Your mindset is sound; try on different pairs because what fit you back then (and that you've broken in over time) might not fit you well now.

In Reebok, see if you can find some 8Ks or 10Ks from 2010/2011 on clearance. The current lineup of 16K and 18K are great boots as well; given that you said you were looking at one or two down from the top; excellent value.

Give CCM a shot next. The U+10 and 12 are phenomenal boots. You'll have to bake them to get the true fit story.

Bauer's Supreme and Nexus should be tried as well. The first page or two should outline some models to look for.
Thank you for responding to me.

It's been a few weeks and I finally got around to trying some skates on today. I'm really in the market now, as I feel my skates are really starting to hamper me. They've lost all their "spring". Does that make sense? I just want to make sure that sounds normal with a worn out skate.. It's the best way I can describe it. Even thought they're very comfortable, once I get on the ice I feel like I've lost support.

On to my experience with fitting today....

I started with the RBK 18K. It felt okay. It was a little tight in the midfoot (or right were my toes start, whatever that's classified as), but not painful and probably something that could be sorted out with bake and break in. Next I tried the CCM's. Not sure what line it was, but I'm sure it was a higher up model in whichever line. Joe, the gentleman fitting me who I've played with for a few years now, told me that this particular skate usually doesn't fit well until it's baked. He was right. He also said he could bake them for me before I bought them though, something about them going back to normal after a bake or something. Is this right?

Next he brought out a pair of Bauer APX's. They fit like a glove which makes absolutely no sense to me since I thought they would be (and should be from what I know) too narrow. I was at a 10 in the RBKs, just barely missing that good graze on the toe cap when standing. I got a little bit too much "graze" with the APX at size 9.5, but I actually liked it. When I squatted down, my toe pulled right off. It was never scrunched even when standing. My current skates are a tad too long and I think I'll like the feel of a slightly shorter boot. Overall, very impressed. They fit like a glove and I'm sure they'll be even better after I bake and break-in should I buy them.

Here are my concerns with the APX. I am not a high level skater. I'm an intermediate skater. I don't want to bite off more than I can chew and get a skate that is too stiff for me. I'm 6' 220lbs, just as a reminder. Also, I fail the pencil test. It's not terrible, but I think it would classify as a fail. A slightly deeper boot would be perfection I think. Any thoughts on this in particular? I know the skate has some sort of channel on the inside of the tongue, but it is a thin tongue. I had a sudden issue with lace bite about 1.5 years after I got my current skates. A simple gel pad corrected it in a hurry. I would hope that I would have the same luck should I have a lace bit issue with this skate, but the slightly less deep boot of the APX compared to my current RBK's does worry me. Thoughts? Overall?

The APX is priced at 600, which is a great price. It's also the last pair they have. I'm itching to pull the trigger. Next time I go in I'll try on some more models, but they're limited to RBK, Bauer, CCM and maybe one other. I don't think they have Grafs or Eastons.

I appreciate any advice.

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