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Originally Posted by RainingRats View Post
Did you just learn the word "spewing" today? How old are you? 15?
yup, 15 year old with a masters. and i just learned the word "spew"

nice attempt at an insult. too bad it fails like the rest of your posts

This is the last time I respond to you on this topic because this can go on and on and I'm sure other people are tired of this.
i doubt others are as tired of you making yourself look bad as you probably are.

Clemmer is a good backup. People here put him unfairly under the microscope every single game and overrate his mistakes and rarely give him credit and when the do give him credit they go out of there way to say they're giving him credit (AG I'm looking at you.) You freaked out and want Markstrom up here. That's not a reasonable reaction and certainly not worthy of Clemmer losing his job. I stand behind the assertion, goaltending is not an issue.

okay - stand behind your assertion. but you're wrong. at least over the last 4 games you are. (Theodore and Clemmer were both terrible vs Philly, too)

Oh, you said Drew Shore was our second best forward after two games? Congratulations. I've been telling everyone about Shore for as long as I've been around here. Way ahead of you kiddo. I'm kind of embarrassed to even be writing that, ha. I wasn't insinuating anything. I swear.
i never have time to watch collegiate hockey, or i probably would have been right there with you, "kiddo"

your predictable and witless attempts at condescension are pathetic, btw. you should stop. it just makes you look petty

I think Markstrom will be a stud, it just makes no sense to bring him up right now. You're panicking. If Tallon moves Clemmer within the month to bring up Markstrom permanently, I'll personally apologize to you. 100%. I'll even say, I'm sorry for spewing all that nonsense and you were right. Mark this post. I ain't mad at ya.
i'm not mad either, you just continuously try and be patronizing, which is pretty laughable. especially considering you still have not grasped the actual message i'm putting out there which is this, and i'll spell it out on it's simplest terms:

Jacob Markstrom is a better goaltender than Scott Clemmensen. Thus, this team is a better team with Jacob Markstrom on it rather than with Scott Clemmensen.

it's really that simple.

this team can still make the playoffs. too many around here seemed to have thrown in the towel after the miserable start but they're playing much better and have potential, especially if a guy like shore continues to improve. if he can be a legit second line center (he looks like one so far) that solves probably the biggest hole we had last year. mueller looks good too. huberdeau brings some offense as well. and if dineen continues to use more of strachan and ellerby, less of weaver and jovo and gudbranson comes back and plays like he did in the second half last season, i don't think the D will be any worse than last years, either. Strachan looks great. Ellerby is improving.

that being said, we need the same type of goaltending we got last season to make it. the last four games. we have NOT gotten that, not even close. we can't continue to **** away points, not after putting ourselves in the hole we did the first 6 games, and especially not in a 48 game season where every single game is played against a divisional opponent.

we basically pissed 3 points away last night because Clemmensen sucked. lost one, gave two to Winnipeg. we can't keep doing that, and there's an internal solution to the problem in San Antonio just waiting.

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