Thread: Dreger: Leafs listening on Kessel?
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02-06-2013, 11:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Billy6 View Post
I think you guys are nuts. What makes Kessel so untouchable? He is a good player, but c'mon if the deal is good I'd ship him out in a heartbeat. He's not suited to playing in Toronto. It's just not meant to be. You guys are falling into the Leaf fan mindset of massively overrating Kessel because he plays for the Leafs. The world won't end if he's traded.

Besides, do you guys honestly believe for a second that he has any interest of playing in Toronto past his current contract?

Do the deal now because his value will never be higher.
Uh, he's so untouchable because he went ppg last year and is a dynamic offensive forward. I know he's been snake-bitten this year, but he's proven himself over the years.

What is or isn't a good deal is subjective. What may seem like a good deal to you could look like underpayment to the Leafs.

What makes him not suitable to play in Toronto?

We're overrating Kessel? I say you're under rating him because he plays for the Leafs.

What makes you so sure he doesn't want to re-sign?

Sure this may be his peak value, but that doesn't mean we have to trade him.

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