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02-06-2013, 11:22 PM
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Personally, i'd like to see something like this at the moment, but there's plenty of time for things to change.






As for explanations:

-The Toews line would be a great 'checking' line. Strong defensively but still capable of creating plenty of offense.

-I know Spezza isn't a consensus pick, but provided he's healthy...he's been a good foot soldier for Canada at the less glamorous tournaments and shown chemistry with Nash on the big ice. Also a more mature player with a more well-rounded game these days, still a PP whiz and underrated on draws.

-Some aren't big on Getzlaf-Perry combo going over, but i think they could be quite useful as something along the lines of a 'crash-bang 4th line', Olympic style. Tons of size, physicality and a bit of a chippy edge there, to cycle the puck around and physically intimidate in an 'energy role' long as they can keep it in check. And of course...goal scoring.

-Seguin brings youth and speed to the lineup, as well as versatility. I think he'd be a good fit as a bit of a 'spark-plug' of enthusiasm alongside a pair of guys in Spezza+Nash who occasionally need a bit of a kick in the pants to get going. And the kid can put the puck in the net.

-Tavares i have some reservations about as a winger, but he's just too good not to be on the team. I think you can plug him in a lot of different spots and again, brings youth, enthusiasm and energy.

-The right-hand d-men are all locks as far as i'm concerned.

-Keith with Weber to form the top 'shutdown' pairing.

-Hamhuis playing a bit of a mobile stay-at-home defensive conscience role to let Doughty roam a bit. Not a glamorous player, but plays against the best players in the NHL every night and is the sort of steady defensive presence that would fit, and has the skating ability to thrive on the big ice and log big PK minutes. And of course, the ever elusive LH shot.

-Marc Staal adds more of a physical presence alongside Pietrangelo and again, would be a key PKer. LHer.

-Letang plays the spare blueliner role, though he's easily capable of more. Plug him in on the left side here and there if more offense is needed or swap him with Pietrangelo on the right as needed. I know he can play a bit on the left side, but i'd be far from comfortable with that in any significant minutes against the best the world has to offer. But he's a lock for the team regardless of the RH shot situation, and i'd expect him to be a key cog in the PP.

-Price should be the guy in net. He's young, talented, efficient enough to handle games in the fairly dense schedule with ease. Has the poise to handle pressure and seems able to stay in games where he may not see much rubber, which could be important in some of the games against weaker teams.

-Luongo is there because frankly...he won the gold last time around, and he's no slouch as a netminder. The continuity and experience factor there. And Ward is my choice for the alternate guy. He's an underrated goaltender who can absolutely steal games in the clutch. It's either him of Fleury, and i'd be more comfortable with Ward and knowing what i'm more likely to get if he has to go in.

-Brian Campbell. Though he often plays the right side, he IS a Left shot, and with skating and dynamic puck moving and PP ability like that, he could really shine on the big ice.

-Dion Phaneuf. Another Lefty that i'd give some consideration to depending on what sort of trend he's on when the games roll around. He can skate plenty well for the big ice, and would also bring some physicality to the back end...But it really depends if it's looking like Good Dion or Bad Dion as the Olympics near. He'd be a very risky pick, but could pay off big if he could keep his head on straight and limit his braincramps.

-Jordan Eberle. As a natural winger, might have some appeal on a team that could end up featuring a lot of converted Centers. Also, of course the clutch Canadian performance history doesn't hurt...

-Patrick Sharp. A guy who could plug in basically anywhere. Scorer/Checker/PP/PK. Not a headline player, but i'd give him consideration for his versatility, and he's no slouch as a player.

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