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Originally Posted by ckg927 View Post
I remember reading in the mid to late 70s, someone paid to have a plane drag a streamer over the Vet in Philly a message that said "15 year of lousy football...We've Had Enough." And the fans started chanting it. Granted, the Eagles lost that game, but apparently the higher-ups were listening and gradually the team began to improve.

So don't tell me that something akin to what I proposed can't work. Because it HAS.

If Pegs and the hockey minds he has around him either can't or won't listen to their fanbase, then there truly is no hope and we'll be stuck in Hockey Limbo forever. I truly believe that he wants to get the team to a point where they can win a Cup. It's just not going to be with Ruff and Regier. He's had 2 years and change to see how they work. I think that's enough time to come to a decision.
Let me guess, you were one of those fans at the start of year on board with the boycott idea, where you wouldn't buy tickets or go to games to make a statement that the fans need to be treated better. You saw the amount of fans that showed up for the intersquad game, you saw how fast the tickets sold for this season, and how many fans showed up for the training camp sale. The fact of the matter is, that whole boycott idea is always going to be a mino trying to swim against the current. There's just too many passionate fans that show up and cheer regardless of the circumstances. Your idea of not buying merchandise as a means to get the coach fired just won't work, plain and simple.

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