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02-06-2013, 11:37 PM
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Originally Posted by dma0034 View Post
Excellent player but he is coming back from a torn ACL.... that will hurt his speed.

We're looking at a team the with enter the season with Reed and Lewis (Reed is too expensive for Baltimore) and their best player is coming back from an ACL tear.... If Boldin is cut/traded this team will fall behind early and Flacco will start forcing throws. Flacco deserves a lot of credit for his playoff run but he played three AFC teams that were terrible against the pass and couldn't apply pressure.... He puts up 21 points in the first half and when SF changes their scheme he becomes less potent..... Baltimore is not a 10 win team.
I wasn't going to say anything but I have to ask: why on earth do you keep saying that the Raven's D is going to be worse without Lewis? If anything, a journeyman LB or a rookie replaces him with no detriment to their defense. Aside from being a bloated mouthpiece, that whinging d bag hasn't added anything to the Raven's in over 2 years... I actually don't disagree that the Ravens will be playoff contenders next season but losing Lewis is a blessing to that team. Not even in disguise. He's been coasting off rhetoric and that ******** dance for some time now.

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