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02-06-2013, 11:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Phion Keneuf View Post
He was injured, which of course you neglect because you are unaware of.

He's been our best defensive Dman (IMO, either first or 2nd best), we have a logjam at D and Nonis will do something about that soon.

Stats are cute and stuff, but they don't tell everything, especially for defensive Dmen. Komisarek is a top 6 Dman on almost every team in the league, and can definitely make some teams top 4s

Keep in mind he is NOT efficient in a run and gun system which Wilson implemented. Stick him in a right defensive team such as the Bruins (or what Carlyle is trying to establish) and he is certainly effective defensively and very physical while doing so.

His puck handling has looked much better this year, he's took it on himself to lose 15-20 pounds and improve his skating and offense. He's a great leader and character guy as well. Trust me, the leafs are not going to be sending any picks with him to get rid of him, nor would we dump him for free unless Holzer continues to shine like his last game and makes him expendable, in which we will receive a positive return.
You can dress him up in a bow as much as you want. There is no way that he is a better D man than Hainsey at the moment. The only thing he has done better is hit more.

Komi: 0
Hainsey: 3
Adv: Hainsey

Komi: 15:20
Hainsey: 23:51
Adv: Hainsey

Komi: 11
Hainsey: 4
Adv: Komi

Blocked Shots
Komi: 6
Hainsey: 23

Hainsey has been very stable in his own zone. He's moving the puck very well while settling in a shutdown role. From what I have seen from Komi over the years, he does nothing better than Hainsey other than the fact that he hits more. It would be very hard to find a team that is willing to take on his contract for what he does. Maybe Philly if they get desperate enough.

$4.5 mil for the next 2 years is simply too much for a guy who does not do enough. Hainsey is overpaid as well however he is in the last year of his contact and he plays a more versatile game which adds to his value on the market.

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