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02-07-2013, 01:37 AM
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Originally Posted by starling View Post
FYI Greening is in top30 in the league in hits along with Neil.
Well that's good. I guess I just expect him to be more physically imposing out there with his strength and speed. The only times I've ever really seen him wreck a player with a hit was when the other player tried to hit him. It happened last year when Drew Doughty tried to hit him and it happened a few games ago when Greening was around the opposition's net and a player tried to hit him. It looked like the player ran into a brick wall. It would just be nice to see Greening bring out that same level of physicality on a consistent basis. Greening has some freakish strength and it's almost like he isn't comfortable using his full strength out there. He could easily bully the opposition if he wanted to.

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