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Originally Posted by Mant View Post
That's because the Avs management said that they would not be spending until after this CBA was made. We're also not just one or two signings away from being a contender, so it would largely be wasted anyway. Plus, you've seen the ******** contracts the big free agents have been getting, and those are guys who have a choice on where they go... why would they want to come to one of the worst teams in the conference?

This isn't the playstation where nobody has free will and you can trade Kobasew and get Crosby.
I agree and disagree, I know a lot of people here have a lot of unrealistic opinions on players, team, signings etc.. but this year when the cap is 8 years for UFAs the Avs might be smart to go after a guy like Correy Perry, at 28 at the end of the season he'll be in his prime and still have a good 4-6 years before he starts to probably drop.

This is a free agent year where a lot of teams will not be able to go for Perry, leaving the Avs as maybe one of the few teams that can pay for him and be one of the ones closest to competitors (say vs Islanders, Columbus, etc)..

I realize defense is probably are biggest issue but Perry wouldn't just be great for this team as a guy who can really score (37 last, 50 before, 60 and 98 points total as well) but as guy who can be a veteran leader of a team.. he'll immediately make Duchene, Landeskog, and ROR better (if he ever wants to play) by playing with and around them and that will inevitably help them grow as players. Plus it would put a lot of the pressure and spotlight on him and a lot of it naturally off 20 and 22 year olds that as talented as they are shouldn't be put in that position.

The Avs should be able to afford him and be able to keep the core.. no team has ever won a cup without major free agent signings or trades. LA last year had the Carter trade, the Bruins the Seguin trade and Chara signings (among others), etc.. the Avs will not be able to do it alone unless they want to go for the first overall the next 3-4 years.

Originally Posted by Nihiliste View Post
I lived in Edmonton and now Calgary and these cities also sell out arenas for god awful teams so again its not really comparable. However there is constant communication between the organization and fans through interviews, press conferences, and tons of community events, etc. I especially noticed these things in Edmonton.

The Leafs don't need to do anything, since they're the Leafs. They have enough of a base that it will take decades for them to lose some of their following (or an NFL team in Toronto one day).

I wonder if someone from another American city can chime in on what the presence of the respective team is like there.
Honestly, hockey is the dominant sport in Canada (obviously), while in the US the Avs have to compete for the sports dollar with the Nuggets, Broncos, Rockies, Rapids, and other smaller teams/sports. While they make be totally different sports, at the end of the day people may only be able to attend a few games a year.. when you're team is not so good and the Broncos had the best record in the AFC, the Nuggets have gone 31-18 so far, the Rockies sucked last season but it's still baseball and will always be fairly popular (32k a game for the Rockies.. winning helps people choose to pay for the Avs game but so does marketing, fan offers, and really connecting with the city. The Avs haven't done that.

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