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02-07-2013, 01:28 AM
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First off, I invite Seth Jones to camp, I have feeling he will impress there and he plays up to talent in his past history. He also has excelled to an even greater degree in his career thus far at International big ice competitions.

The second thing being if Ryan pans out as a center that really changes the top 6, I am pretty much inclined to leave the current version of Stastny at home barring a turnaround in his play. With that said it won't happen and for another big reason he is almost a must bring, in his favor though is we will need a left handed draw taker. Pavelski, Ryan, Backes, and Kesler are all right handed. It does make it interesting when you look at how this sets up, the USA is overrun with right handed options up front.

I also don't see where Yandle fits at all. He isn't great defensively and only plays the left side. Unfortunately for him so do Suter and McDonagh. Jack Johnson and Erik Johnson both have Olympic experience, and skate very well for big imposing guys that can clear the crease. As far as looking at Yandle I don't see JMFJ staying at home, heck he is a dark horse for me to wear a letter on this team. So even if you bring him for his PP prowess he is in an all out fight with guys like Fowler and Byfuglien. He absolutely loses to Byfuglien in this regard and the fact Byfuglien is a righty makes it an even bigger deal. Fowler is already better than him defensively and I would take him over Yandle in my opinion.

Now can Fowler or Jack Johnson play the right?

Taking a stay at home guy like Carlson, Orpik, Scuderi, Gleason is also interesting especially for the pk. Bogosian is also interesting when he gets back to see if he plays like he did last year.

Parise - Kesler - Kane
Ryan - Stastny - Kessel
Pacioretty - Backes - Pominville
Brown - Pavelski - Callahan
Oshie or JVR

Suter - Shattenkirk
McDonagh - Carlson
Jack Johnson - Erik Johnson


I really think Shattnkirk will play well with either one of the top two. Especially with the way Suter wheelhouses his partners shot, I think their games would fit well together.I forget right now if IIHF allows you to dress all those guys for the Olympics like they do in the WJC. I just think it is important for guys to be in the right roles on each line. If you cannot dress Byfuglien Pavelski is still a great option for the point on the second PP unit. The PK of Suter - EJ and McDonagh - Carlson is very good. Yandle brings lots of offense but little else, I think he gets squeezed out when they get into the actual team roles and building this to be the best possible lineup. Jones making this team helps in a big way because he is righthanded and can play in all situations also, I really do hope they give him a chance.

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