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Originally Posted by 94eleven View Post
I don't think I said anywhere that it was the gospel, it was a piece of information I found interesting. I agree that it doesn't take into consideration the fact that Hamhuis plays better opposition, I didn't want to start calling Ballard and Tanev sheltered because I figured that would start a bigger ****storm. Last season behind one of the best tandems in the NHL Ballard got a .937 save% and Hamhuis got .927. So all I was trying to say was that I don't think .982 is sutainable and want people to keep that in mind if that pairing starts being on the ice for some more goals against.

Also these numbers are 5 v 5 so PP and PK aren't taken into consideration.
Sorry. I wasn't directing that specifically at you or anything. You definitely made good mention of some of the weaknesses of the stats there. And in regards to what you're saying about eventually coming back down to earth in terms of that stat...there's plenty of validity to that.

It's just something i've noticed a lot lately (the reliance on elaborate statistics as the ultimate measure of a player), and it seems fairly misguided to me in a lot of cases. And it often just ends up being something not particularly relevant to the actual play on the ice.

ie. That on ice SV% could (and as you said, likely will drop), leading to more goals while Ballard-Tanev are on the ice...but that kind of thing can happen almost entirely independent of the quality of their play.

And the idea that sooner or later, they're going to end up on the ice for a few more goals...seems fairly common sense. I don't feel like i need an advanced metric to tell me that.

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