Thread: PGT: Habs Lose 2-1
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02-07-2013, 03:44 AM
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How **** overreaction Batman!

"We will never win anything with these centres"
"All our forwards are soft"
"Our veterans are useless"
"Tank time is drawing near"

(the latter is brought to you by our national balless and traitor, CoolasPrice)

Takes deep breath people, and think about it:

We outchanced the Bruins tonight. Count all the quality shots Rask had to be brilliant on, the number of breakaway and the number of missed open net.

Doesn't look like we got dominated that much to me. We surely didn't convert, cause life's a b*tch and you will roll a natural 1 once in a while.

But let me ask you: would you rather have a defeat where our boys had a chance to tie it up until the very end, with only freak chance preventing us to convert...

...or you'd rather go back to the victories where we were genuinely dominated for 60 minutes but Price stood on his head and saved our ass?

Considering the latter ended up 15th last year, and the former just let the *****ING FIRST PLACE escape from it's grasp because of a single goal...

I'll take the former.

Good game. Bad luck.

If you can't understand that, just go watch bowling.

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