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Originally Posted by forsbergavs32 View Post
Agree 100%, Resign ROR, trade Staz, Jones, and a couple of our pylons for a top 4 D-man and possibly a decent scoring winger, fire Sucko and this team should be making it into the playoffs as a 6-8 seed.

It just doesn't seem like Stastny is working out with the Avs anymore, he's a solid player but he just doesn't seem to gel with any wingers. If we could package him and bring in a solid top 4 PMD we would be fine with Duchene, ROR, Mitchell down the middle.

I think we have two choices, and that is between O'Reilly and Stastny as our second line center. Duchene has matured quite a bit and even has room to grow, and it's obvious. I mean McGinn and PAP playing with him look like first like players. Hes obviously knows how to use his linemates when they can be USED.

The Avs need to accept and trust that Duchene can be our #1 center, it's still a bit of a risk but one I think we need to take. Because Stastny isn't going to come out of the woodwork and be our #1 in the event OF... (You know?)

Ok option #1 go with Stastny as our #2 center,

In order for this to work we need to trade O'Reilly for someone like Yandle, at the latest possible point in time (basically at the deadline). Then TANK and get another scoring winger for Stastny like MacKinnon. Our top 6?

MacKinnon/Barkov/Drouin - Stastny - Landeskog

McGinn - Duchene - Parenteau

Third line center should be Bozak, we all know hes not going to sign with the sinking ship that is TOR. He loves Colorado and would be a perfect fit on our third line.

Yandle - EJ

The rest...

Ok option #2 trade Stastny...

This is going to be more difficult because we need to do it right away or hope that Stastny finds a way to produce enough to still give teams the idea that he can be a #1 center. If we trade Stastny we are going to get have to add.

I do think we could pitch Stastny + Sgarbossa to a team like Phoneix and still land Yandle potentially. Ok so it looks like this...

McGinn - Duchene - Parenteau

Landeskog - O'Reilly - Downie

Again Bozak as our third line center...

Yandle - EJ

The rest...

The reason I don't add one of the high draft picks here is because I am not sure that if we traded Stastny quickly for a #2 that we would draft in the top 5 or even top 2. Adding a #2 defender would really fix a LOT of problems offensively and defensively.

It also depends on how quickly Landeskog returns as to how good of a pick we really get in both scenarios. We could obviously not end up with a top 3 pick regardless, which makes trading Stastny the safest option to be honest. Just because of the known chemistry between O'Reilly and Landeskog.

I can see why Avs management has not jumped just yet, there really is some serious questions to be answered before making a decision on which one to keep.

The other possibility and it's a risky one, is to attempt to reignite Stastny by trading O'Reilly for someone like Ryan. In this event I would imagine we either make the playoffs or just miss, obvious getting no help on the back-end. But we would have a pretty sick top 6 group.

Landeskog - Stastny - Ryan

McGinn - Duchene - Parenteau

Of course then we are left to HOPE that within the next two years, Siemens is able to step in and take on that LH #2 role. Obviously continuing to try and fill the holes on defense with guys like Strait or whatever until that happens.

Obviously this works with more than just Ryan, hes just the easiest to plug in since Stastny loves playing with him and has proven chemistry with him as well. Anaheim needs a top 6 center as well, Koivu is playing well but Anaheim has to respect the fact that they are not going to be able to rely on their senior Fin duo much longer.

They also have the prospect depth at wing to replace Ryan with Palmieri and Etem.

There are flaws with every route but I think the biggest mistake Avs management could make is to hold pat and not make some sort of move similar to this. I just don't see us filling out three centers with quality talent, AND getting a top pairing defender.

Without a true top pair, we need to be an offensive juggernaut and make our top six seriously dominant. Avs management needs to pick a direction and pick which player they are going to put their chips down on.

Unfortunately I don't think we are going to find out the answer to which direction IF ANY they are going to take for a little while, at least not in the next week or two anyways. It's obvious they want all the questions answered before committing to two of the centers we have, but sometimes indecision hurts worse in the end. The answers may come to late...

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