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Originally Posted by sky04 View Post
6 games.. really that's your sample size?

Marty scored the game winning goal in Tampa's first ever playoff series, coincidence out of Richards, Stamkos, Lecavalier and St.louis the team goes the furthest in the playoffs when St.louis has his biggest and 2nd biggest regular season careers highs? Coincidence that last year was St.louis off year and Tampa takes a nose dive into the standings? Or when St.louis calls out the lightning team as a whole 2 years ago and then win back to back games.

Vinny is one of my favorite players but he's definitely not the heart and soul of this team, he's taken 12 years to finally play with this passion we're seeing this season.

Man have you forgotten what Lecavalier looked like the 2 years after that 92 point season? He floated 90% of his shifts, wouldn't battle anything in the corners and was completely disinterested.

I watched St.louis go all out every season since he came to this team, he never took years off like Lecavalier and 6 games isn't really enough to change my mind. And really you're the first lightning fan I've ever seen on this forum say anyone on this team plays with more heart and soul then MSL.

Agreed... Max Talbot... that is all.
Despite a run of bad games here and there, I've also seen Vinny play with passion on numerous occasions in past seasons and play through injuries and sacrifice himself for the team. My intent wasn't to insult MSL, nor did I but you seemed to draw that conclusion on your own. I simply made my original comment because I took issue with someone questioning Vinny as our leader and captain, that they knew more than the coaching staff and the organization. IMHO, some of Vinny's poor play came as a result of organization instability, where his unknown future with the club could have affected the mental aspect of his game.

When did I question Marty's heart? I said he used to work harder than everyone on the ice...I was simply suggesting that Pyatt is now the team's hardest worker, game in and out. I'll reiterate, for me Marty is one who leads by example on the ice. Everything you just listed about Marty is visible for us to see; perhaps I misused the term heartbeat of this team (as it does not fit with what I've been describing of Lecavalier), but Vinny has intangibles that the coaching staff sees that Marty clearly does not. When I said heartbeat, I meant what Vinny represents to the organization as a whole (I never said he was the heart and soul by the way). Instead of questioning Vinny's drive and determination as captain, I think he should be afforded the benefit of doubt since we don't know first hand of how he leads without being in the dressing room, on the bench or even on the ice. For me, leadership goes beyond a spark tiger your team going or points accumulated in a season.

We didn't suck last year because Marty had an off year, we sucked because we couldn't defend. Or have you forgotten the amount of goals Roloson conceded last season on < 20 shots per game? Or the fact that our defense continually found themselves out of position for most of the year and often left our goaltenders exposed, especially on SH breakaways?

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