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Originally Posted by captainpaxil View Post
are you in the city or the burbs?

i think its a hard one to answer. the game of basketball is flat out more popuar than the game of hockey due largly to big four basketball in the city. (ncaa hockey are you paying attention) and lack of playing space.

directly flyers vs sixers though is another story. the flyers have consistently outsold tickets at higher prices and outrated viewers even when bumped down to different networks. its a better product

if you held a poll where people chose thier number 1 team in the city the eagles would take it but i think the flyers would get the second best amount of #1 votes. while eagles fans would probably put the flyers 3 or 4 (behind the phils). wher i think most basketball fans would have thier number 1 team be st joes or nova etc
I don't think the Flyers would beat the Phils right now. 10 years ago, definitely. If the Phils have a few more seasons like last year, yes. I used to go to Philly and Atlantic City a lot from 97-2010ish. Up until 2008, it was all Eagles and Flyers stuff everywhere. Then, Phils win the Series and everyone had brand-new Phils gear.

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