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02-07-2013, 06:56 AM
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Originally Posted by jonas2244 View Post
Hiller starter, behind I see Berra, Stephan and maybe still Martin Gerber. It'd be a great finish for his career and also a nice gesture to him (if he still has the level which is undoubtful for me).
Hiller and Stephan are probable. Gerber is ahead of the rest based on current play, but Berra or Genoni have still time to outplay him. I guess it will depend on what they can show at this year's world championship and next season as well (don't forget that there is an almost full regular season to be played before the OG).

Originally Posted by jonas2244 View Post
4 NHL-regulars are a lock: Streit, Sbisa, Josi, Diaz. Weber needs to get play-time. Behind that we have some players with a lot of routine, Du Bois, Blindenbacher, Von Gunten and Furrer and some young guns, Blum, Kukan who is my favourite and some others.
I'd guess we see: Streit, Josi, Sbisa, Diaz, Weber, Von Gunten, Du Bois.
Agree about your locks, and Blinderbacher should make it as well. I'm not convinced by Du Bois, but Simpson seems to like him, and Von Gunten played poorly in Helsinki. Kukan is interesting, but I guess it will be too early. Grossman and Hirschi are interesting possibilities, and I'd bet than an older guy (Seger, Vauclair, Bezina) will make it.

Originally Posted by jonas2244 View Post
Center: Romy is our best Center, Plüss will get another shot, I'm quite sure. For the 4th line I can see Trachsler or Savary, for the 3th line Cunti.
Romy and Plüss should make it. Regarding Cunti, hard to predict without seeing what he can at the international level. I guess we'll see in May.

Then there is Ambühl who usually plays as a center for the national team (expecting Duga to comment here )

Originally Posted by jonas2244 View Post
Wings: Brunner, Bärtschi, Nino, Wick are our wingers for the top-lines. Simon Moser needs to get (and stay) healthy, then he also gets his spot. Hollenstein is also a very probable selection. So we just have two free wings, Rüthemann as 4th liner, maybe. Ambühl will surley get a spot but I don't really know where to place him.
Hard to know where Bärtschi fits, he's never played for the national team and still has time to develop during the next year. Brunner and Wick are locks, Niederreiter could be used either as a scorer or a physical presence, depends on how he develops until then. I agree about Hollenstein, and don't forget Monnet who is having a fine season. What about Bürgler? And Stancescu in a defensive role? And Vermin?

Argh, this is hard.

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