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Originally Posted by FlyersFan61290 View Post
As much as I like kimmo, I think 6 mil is too much. Not that he's not worth it just that giving him that much all but assures the flyers are not getting perry/can't even offer him a competitive contract without moving significant salary. This team still won't be ready to compete with its holes and signing perry could fill one of those holes for a long time. Kimmo is great and he makes us much better on defense as well as the pp but one more year for him means potentially sacrificing years of an all-star winger.

I'm not saying signing perry makes them a contender but the flyers have a good sized window here w/ this young core and they should be able to get there hands on a #1 in the next 5 yrs or so some way or another (draft, trade or dare I say via offer sheet). I guess I'm saying perry is more valuable to the flyer then kimmo as we have to look at more then just next season but the following 5-10 as well. Just my opinion
I would love Perry too and he does fill a huge need but wait till you see his caphit. Zach Parise's first 7 years of his contract: $12 mil, 12, 11,9,9,9,9. Thats $71. That would be over a 10 mil a year cap hit. I dont think Perry will get that much, but is $9 mil a year hit out of the question? It is will definitely be 8+. If its Kimmo for 1 year at 6 or Perry for 7 years at 9, I take Kimmo especially with Giroux coming up next year.

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