Thread: Rumor: Pens eyeing Kulemin
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02-07-2013, 07:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Man Bear Pig View Post
Who says he's still not a 30 goal scorer? We may seem crazy for believing he's still capable of that but it's just as crazy to believe he's a 7 goal scorer.
Being capable and being are two totally different things. Sure, he has done it once. The next year, he only pots seven. There lies the problem. That is a significant drop off and I don't care if the rest of his linemates fell off production wise. It's not Pittsburgh's fault and thus shouldn't have to pay for it. Fact is, when you couple his start right now and I know its a shortened season, he is closer to being a 15-20 goal scorer than a 30.

There are quite a few hockey players in this league that are capable of doing it, but fall short for a major reason.

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